About Joan Bolton

The program that Joan Bolton has created is an extraordinary one combining the clarity of a biomechanical system with traditional Dutch and German methodology. Her pervasive view is that the horse gets it right when their rider does. More often than not the issue is an uneducated seat or confusing aids. One of her main influences is Mary Wanless—a revolutionary instructor who has demystified the biomechanics of seat and position. The integration of Mary's method with the tutelage of such dressage greats as Guenter Seidel, Christine Trauring and Egbert Kraak have created a program that is passionate and brings out the very best in both horse and rider.

In addition to the knowledge that Joan brings to her clients, incoming clinicians are also a huge part of her program. Currently she has the most dynamic mix of guest instructors she has ever had the privilege to host. They include Sandy Howard—'S' Judge, US team member, biomechanics aficionado and consummate intellect, Heather Blitz—another Mary Wanless devotee and successful Grand Prix trainer. Alfredo Hermandez—is our piaffe and passage expert and overall in-hand guru.

Finally the educational experience would not be complete without mentioning the wonderful community of professionals working hard on Joan Bolton's horses to make them their best. John Meriwether comes every six months to fit saddles to each horse's particular conformation. Ed Lamb, equine massage therapist, works weekly on the horses to make them their best. And Duane Flegel, the farrier whose work has garnered praise from some of the best farriers and Veterinarians in the business and who keeps our horses on solid feet.

Joan bolton has been Short listed for both the Pan Am Games and the Olympics and is a USDF Gold Medalist. Children, beginning and advanced riders all are taught with the same enthusiasm and verve that has made her sought as a clinician across the country. Please feel free to call and audit a lesson to learn more.