Hey Joanie,

I thought I would email and let you know that organizing my horse with clarity about whether I am using my hamstrings or my quads has made a significant difference especially with Rondo. "Backward leapfrog" is more than a clever way of reintroducing "hoik" (and very clever) but the difference between using hams vs. quads and then and then just kicking in my hams when I actually want the reaction that I get from using them is HUGE. (and it is clear that your ability to come up with visually significant language is one of your strong points)

Sandy Howard

Thank you so much for coaching me during the clinic at Dancing Horse Farm in Lebanon, OH, last weekend. I learned so much and really feel that it could be a big break through for me and my horse. I have already watched my video from day 3 and ordered a few of Mary's books. I will practice diligently and hope that I get an opportunity to ride with you again at a future clinic.

Carol Hibbard and Arizona


Thank you for the wonderful instruction at ASH! You are such a thoughtful trainer and I really appreciate you. I thank you so much for your detailed evaluation and instruction. You are a joy to ride with. A true horsewoman.

Cheers from Mary and Frieden

Hi Joanie,

I had a fabulous time this weekend and can't wait to practice everything that I learned. I watched the videos that Scott took yesterday and was very pleased. Unity looked great. Thank you so much for the lessons. I am inspired like I haven't been for a long time.
See you soon,

Cindy Dix