Lesson Program:

Lesson horses are available to ride. We have horses that are safe for children and beginners. Horse leases are often available for the more advanced rider. We teach all levels. Package deals are available.

Training Programs:

3 day a week training and 5 day a week training packages are available. This is a cost efficient way of getting more intensive instruction.

Group Lessons:

We have the group for you! Have fun with cavaletti, cones and quadrille. Beginning and advanced groups.


We offer intensive programs for riders who come for shorter visits. Riders often schedule two lessons per day. Bring your horse and ride one of ours as well.

Horse Buying Sales:

I have great European contacts and am available for domestic consultations. I have helped facilitate 20 successful partnerships. I will also help you train, market and sell your hours.

Grooming Service:

We have a Stellar groom/rider/and assistant manager at Ashwin. Liz Storandt offers grooming packages.

Saddle Service:

John Merriwether comes from Washington twice a year to fit saddles. He has a tree machine, and years of experience. He specializes in Schleese saddles but works an all types. I believe correct fitting tack is essential for the well being of the horse. It also provides a sound competitive edge. I am also a certified saddle fitter. I have the tools to measure you and your horse for a saddle. I can also service air saddles.


At Ashwin you may choose Grass/Alfalfa mix or a high quality grass hay. The horses are fed hay three times per day. They are fed your choice of grain twice per day.

Turn Out:

Ashwin turns horses out for 2-3 hours 6 days per week.